2011 Armory Show epic roundup

Like last year, I’ve compiled an epic photo roundup of the art that caught my eye at this year’s Armory Show, a leading contemporary art show. This year I was also lucky enough to be included (Thanks Paul!) in the Armory Show’s opening benefit party held at the Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday night. The party included a fashionable and festive crowd that enjoyed the live performance of Kate Nash and her big bow headpiece, the DJing of Justin Miller and Will Robbins, and of course the ever-popular open bar.

Bandwidth warning: Lost of photos and more after the jump, including one awesome surprise guest appearance (at least for this fanboy)…

A few photos of the party by Scott Rudd courtesy of the MoMA:

Area around the open bar was popular. Go figure.

Neat light projections.

Kate Nash and her aggressive bow.

Party guests could escape to a few of the open rooms to ponder some of The Art.

A friend helpfully pointing out an info placard on the wall.

I roamed the actual Armory Show on a rainy Sunday. Here’s my photo dump from it: I apologize for my partiality towards neon art which I have a complicated relationship with.

Awesome video art of a subway train in motion.

I see what you’re doing there, Soph.

Trompe l’oeil: This was actually painted bronze!


Miniature thinking man…

This piece cracked me up: reminded me of the Human Centipede.


Upside down chromed out duck.

Duchamp x Magritte?

My friend and I couldn’t figure out whether the computer crashed or if the screen with the lines of code was intentional…


I’m kind of obsessed with the neon works of illusion by Ivan Navarro.

Worst orange ever!

Sorry MTA, I’m through with you.

My friend commented on this: “I would want this in my room.”
Me: “Sure, but you probably don’t want “Men Kill Sleeping Women” above your bed.”

Coming to the set of a horror film near you.

Me clearly demonstrating a reverence for the art.

The gallery assistant informed us that this piece actually comes with a bottle of Chanel 5 perfume.

My friend strikes a pose.

I thought this was hysterical. This should be a real sport.

KAWS has really moved on up the world…

This would be reblogged a million times on Tumblr.

Sculptural tribute to Justin Bieber.

PRO TIP: Ladies, you look amazing in your heels, but next time wear your New Balance sneakers to the Armory Show because there’s a quite a bit of walking and standing involved.

THIS BETTER BE TRUE. – Your 31 year old blogger.

No comment.

Maybe I was just hungry by the end of the show, but man I was CRAVING Oreos after I saw this.

…And then McDonalds.

And for the finale and highlight for me at least….Mr. Chuck Close in the house!!