Xavier's Valentine's Song

For the past seven years NYC-based singer Xavier has recorded a free song download for his fans. It’s a really sweet gesture and I thought it would be great to share with a bigger audience. So now you’re in on the secret. An added bonus is that this year all the past year’s songs are available for download too. That’s better than chocolates in a heart-shaped box. Get them all here.

According to Xavier “the Valentine’s Day songs have been downloaded thousands of times. “Something About Us” ended up on the radio. “Strawberry Blonde” was snagged for licensing, and “Baltimore” was featured on BUTT Magazine’s site for Valentine’s Day 2009. Mattie Safer, formerly of the Rapture, loved past songs so much, he sang backing vocals alongside NYC’s own Shaquanda Cocoa Mullatta (aka Andre Springer) for last years’ tune “Don’t Let Me Down”. Fashion photographer Marc Baptiste was enamored “Baltimore” so much, he called and demanded to shoot a video for it, which I’ll be releasing sometime this year.”

This year’s song “The Makings of You” is moody and sugary sweet. It’s quite good. Though my favorite still is “Lucille,” his Kenny Rogers cover from a few year’s back. Happy Valentine’s Day!