The Franco Lure

As we collectively come down from the Oscars, I am forced to reflect on the Franco-filled universe. I don’t want to reflect, believe me – but as you know, he’s EVERYWHERE. The New York Times this morning greeted me with a Franco cocktail. Entertainment Weekly Entertainer of the Year 2010? Check. Two oversaturation notifications on my husband’s Facebook page? (As in – check these out – it’s just too too too too too much. One of them, just to get you to click, is headlined “James Franco to Teach a Class About Himself.”) Check. And now, I am torturing myself even more … as I sit here and watch a screener of 127 HOURS. His arm just got stuck. Am I ready for all of this?

I guess the question is, is there any such thing as bad publicity? Is it possible for a cute celebrity with one hundred masters degrees and a PhD on the way and two re-edited Gus Van Sant movies in the can … to be ….oversaturated? Maybe. I know people who refuse to watch the ol’ HOURS film for precisely this reason.

But HOURS, as it turns out, is really good. If one is just, well, super talented, why shouldn’t one just keep going?

There was a similar issue a while back with Tina Fey. There was some serious Tina Fey-tigue. So many Golden Globes; so many magazine covers. A book deal. Etcetera, etcetera. Franco, once this Oscars thing is over … maybe hang back a while? (Tina did it. She benefited. And her most recent piece in The New Yorker just swooped me back up and brought me back in the fold. )

And now he is cutting off his own arm. Here’s to the Oscars!