Still Faithful

I really have my sister Angie to blame for my homosexuality. Maybe not entirely. But I am sure she had a hand in it. Because the year was 1987 and she was a George Michael die-hard. She made me, and our entire house, dance to Michael’s album Faith. Looking back through time it’s obvious that Michael and I were nelly, nelly queens in 1987. But that was a different time. And a different place. And the world’s most famous homosexual was actually a straight sex symbol.

Faith was re-released last week in a remastered format. And I must say, it is worth snatching up. I’ve always been a big George Michael fan, even now when he’s more or less druggie hermit. But Faith is his album I’ve always listened to the least. I adore Listen Without Prejudice Vol. I. and his later work. Faith‘s never been my go-to Michael album.

But listening to Faith crystal clear in all it’s glory is a road trip back in time. It’s joyous and fun. You will shake your ass to the title track. You will appreciate his gorgeous voice on “Father Figure.” And you’ll laugh off some of the more ridiculous songs like “Monkey.” Faith was an album that defined an era. The end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. It was a soundtrack for girls of the 80s and the gay brothers who followed in their footsteps.