Should you shave your legs?

We’re in the deep, dead of winter, buried beneath feet and feet of snow — unless you’re one of those lucky bitches who can go on vacation in the Caribbean every February, your legs haven’t seen the light of day in months. To the horror of some but the understanding of many, female leg hair is — especially in winter — a reality, an inevitability, sometimes even a comfort (hey, who needs leg warmers?). There are idiots out there (not unlike creationists and climate change deniers) who have been sold a bill of goods and believe that the female of the species is naturally hairless, but those with their feet on the ground know that ladies can hold their own in the fur department — it’s what happens when women become sexually mature. That it became unsexy is such a bummer (and, quite frankly, a pain in the ass). That men are currently feeling similar pressures to trim and topiary is kind of satisfying (in a taste-your-own-medicine kind of way), but mostly it’s just kind of sad (we can empathize). Which is why this flow chart from AK Tettenborn in her weekly TwiceShy comic for cracked us up.  See it in full here.