Sexy period underpants, for reals

Here’s the story of the birth of a business: Two women at Brown University take a class on entrepreneurship, join forces for a class project on writing a business proposal, try to think of a real problem that needs a solution, and come up with panty-accidents during menstruation. They post surveys in the women’s restrooms on campus, find that this is an issue for 60% of the female population, and get back a lot of positive feedback on the possibility of an underpant made specifically as a tampon/pad backup for that time of the month (e.g. “Holy shit. Please make these!”). So after graduation in 2009, they do, sending out over 200 prototype pairs to volunteer testers over the past few years in order to create the right fabric (consisting of 2 absorbent layers closest to the body which capture and wick liquid and 1 leak resistant layer furthest from your body that traps spills and prevents leaks — black, of course, so there’s no need to worry about stains). Now has recently launched and is selling three designs (patent-pending) in three different shapes each (these aren’t your rainy day granny panties), all in the $30 to $40-something range.