Robin Williams solo show at PPOW gallery

Robin Williams (no relation to the actor) is one of those rare artists who is enjoying her youth as well as a fair amount of recognition, especially when you consider the fact that she had her first solo exhibition just three years ago and is only 26-years-old. Her latest solo exhibition, “Rescue Party” is technicolor bright and dreamy and strange, and it’s on view now at PPOW’s new location in NY.

Williams’ penchant for the pre- and just barely post-pubescent and the uncertainty of their world is clear in this new series of paintings. She renders their almost accidental sexuality in eye-popping shades of bright green, orange and pink and paints limbs so long and sinuous they can only belong to fairytale children. The cumulative effect is the distorted reality of those who walk the line between adolescence and adulthood. Her subjects lingering stares are at once apathetic and questioning. As one critic noted, we don’t just look at the painting, “the paintings look at us,” too.

“Rescue Party” runs through February 26, 2011.