Pixar cast reunion for Vanity Fair

To accompany a recent spotlight in Vanity Fair of Pixar, the powerhouse animation studio produced this reunion picture of all alumni of Pixar films. The image was inspired by J. R. Eyerman’s iconic photograph of moviegoers watching a 3D film. Pixar’s Bob Pauley and Guido Quaroni discuss the challenges of composing this picture from getting the tone (“They don’t live in the same world, so we had to achieve this without making our teeth hurt.”) to the technical scale right.

From a mathematical perspective, the scale had to be perfect—Flik (A Bug’s Life) both had to look bug-sized next to Lightning McQueen (Cars), and also match his original scale in the film. They had to take up the appropriate and precise amount of theater seat—“or armrest, which is a chair to them, too,” Pauley says. And even if we rubes can’t tell when a measurement is botched, someone at the famously fastidious studio can. Quaroni illustrates by parable: One day during Toy Story 3 production, while he was doing an ordinary character line-up, John Lasseter came to review it, and squinted at Buzz Lightyear. “He told me that Buzz looked off—that he looked a little smaller than the others,” Quaroni says. He told Lasseter that was impossible—they’d directly ported in the proportions from previous Toy Story uses—but when he double-checked, Lasseter was right. “There had been a bug—Buzz was off by 0.05,” Quaroni says. “He has an unbelievable eye.”