Green tech finds (2/10/11)

Pyramid power, flying yachts, and solar soup… your green tech finds for the week.

  • Rent a Volt: St. Louis-based Enterprise Rent-a-Car now offers the Chevy Volt for rental at its Ontario, California branch.

  • The case for building efficiency: Energy efficiency measures aren’t as sexy as solar panels, but Heather Clancy shows how they’re paying off… which makes the Obama administration’s Better Building Initiative a smart move in today’s political climate.

  • Ford to roll out the green tech in Geneva: British Green Car Website provides an overview of several hybrid and all-electric vehicles that Ford plans to show off at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. That’s one of them above…

  • The hydrogen-powered “flying” yacht: Yep, sounds like something out of science fiction, but Jaron Dickson’s EkranoYacht concept is based on a Soviet vehicle from the 60s. (via Cleantechies)

  • Solar-powered pyramids: The “Lunar Cubit” concept won the 2010 United Arab Emirates design competition for energy generating public art. When completed outside of Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, the representation of the Giza Pyramids will generate 1.74 MWs of solar energy for the local power grid. (via Earth Techling)

  • Soup goes solar: Cambell’s Soup has entered into a power purchase agreement with BNB Napoleon Solar to buy solar power from a 9.8 megawatt installation sited on its largest plant in Napoleon, Ohio.

  • EPA recognizes micro combined heat and power products: Recycling waste heat into energy isn’t just for large industrial structures anymore… the EPA recognized MHCP products from ECR International and Marathon Engine that can be used in small buildings, and even homes. (via Green Building Pro)

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Image Credit: Mariordo at Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons license