Brits to offer green jobs training nationwide

Here in the US, community colleges are often at the forefront of training for emerging career fields… and we’ve seen that happening with various forms of green technology. That happens on a system-by-system basis here; in the UK, however, they’re taking green job training nationwide with the launch of the new National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies.

Announced late last week, the new academy will join sixteen other similar public-private partnerships housed at Further Education Colleges (think community college) across the country. Aiming to deliver 2000 publicly-funded courses, plus another 200,000 from the private sector in its first five years, the academy will focus on skills such as “the design, installation and maintenance of technologies such as solar thermal, photovoltaics, heat pumps and water harvesting and recycling.”

Skills Minister John Hayes linked the new academy to Prime Minister David Cameron’s goal of making the current government “the greenest ever,” and noted that creating a skilled workforce in green technologies will assure the UK’s place as a leader in this sector. No doubt that entrepreneurs and investors will see the presence of such workers as another incentive to move into the green space.

Strikes me as a smart, forward-thinking move by the British government… what do you think?


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Image: Business Minister Mark Prisk (far right) at his department’s fourth annual showcase of low-carbon technology. Credit: bisgovuk at Flickr under a Creative Commons license.