Does this turn you on?

One of my favorite artists, the man behind Reply To This Post, will be part of a group show in Brooklyn opening tonight. The show, Casual Encounters A Journey Through the Ridiculous, the Absurd and the Extreme, explores sexually charged pen drawings. Details on the show:

Applying pen to paper is one of the simplest forms of art one can produce.  However, to do it well is a true feat   No matter how simple or complex, the drawing conveys the artist’s id and deepest subconscious.  In our next show at Mighty Tanaka, we present Casual Encounters, as we take a look at the humorous and otherwise ridiculous illustrations of what make us human.  Featuring the artwork of Lauren Asta, Jac Atkinson, Abe Lincoln Jr., Rick Midler, Reginald Péan and RTTP, this show provides an off kilter version of life.

This modern storybook show exemplifies the extremes and absurdities that one may encounter and the interpretations behind it. From lesbian orgies to cartoony and graphic introspections, the work of Casual Encounters is both fun and enticing, with a style of illustration for everyone.

Ranging from the highly detailed to the sublimely minimal, Casual Encounters offers the viewer an escape from reality, if only for a night.

Tonight 2/11/11 from 6-9PM at Mighty Tanaka 68 Jay St., Suite 416 in Brooklyn