Design your own sex toy, win fame and cash!

Remember when we told you guys about a new sex toy called the Sqweel? It’s an oral sex simulator that was launched back in 2009 with all the pomp and hype of a new Apple product — we were sent a free sample in advance only once we were sworn to secrecy, which made us feel kind of like the James Bonds of the sex toy world (but with a better gadget!). And we have to say, despite having a name that sounds like a ride at your local county fair, the toy totally delivered. Well, the Sqweel was the winner of’s Design a Sex Toy competition that year. And their 2011 competition is now accepting entries!

The closing date for entries is June 30, 2011 — and no, you don’t need an advanced degree in product design to compete. You don’t even need to be a particularly good artist. You just need to have a damn good idea to shake up the sex toy world. The winner gets 1000 U.K. pounds (that’s about $1,600 to you) and their idea brought to life… which may well deliver even more cold hard cash. Just in case that’s the kind of thing that turns you on, and/or gets your creative juices flowing. Click here to find out more about how to enter. Who knows? A year from now we could be bragging about how your toy just blew our minds (amongst other organs).