Billie Ray vs. Vince Clarke

Sweet suburban disco(vince clarke remix) by billie ray martin

Billie Ray Martin is releasing a new single next week, “Sweet Suburban Disco,” and this little blog had something to do with the above collaboration (click on the link to listen!). Billie’s been a friend of mine for a decade now. And Vince Clarke, the legend behind Depeche Mode, Yaz, and Erasure, had read something I’d written about him here on SUNfiltered. By way of emails and the internet I introduced Martin to Clarke with the selfish hopes of a collaboration. And, guess what, they worked together! Vince has remixed Billie’s new record. The mix feels very early 90s to me. Which means it also makes me feel young.

Two electronic music pioneers made music together indirectly via SUNflitered. It’s remarkably good.