A saucy — but not too saucy — Valentine's Day gift

We know that some of you probably have the kind of relationship with your partner, friends, siblings — even parents? too much? — where a trusty Rabbit Habit, or perhaps even an oversized, double-ended dildo, is an acceptable Valentine’s Day present. And then there are those of you who’d like to move beyond chocolates, but aren’t quite at the double-ended dildo yet. If that sounds like you, then check out the Pin Ups Glitter Bullet and Bombshell Balm Gift Set, available at LoveHoney.co.uk (and yes, they ship to the U.S. in just 3-4 days). Get it for your girlfriend, your girl friends, your sisters, or treat yourself. The burlesque gift set is made up of a cute vintage-looking tin that contains a glittery, 3-speed, 100% waterproof bullet vibrator (batteries included!) and a little container of tingly “orgasm balm” — also in a gorgeous vintage-style tin that could easily pass for lip balm in a pocketbook or on a nightstand. Three design options feature three different burlesque pin-ups — because nothing says “sexy without the double-ended dildo” like burlesque. As for that “orgasm balm”? No guarantees that a dab of this on her clitoris — or on the toy –will unlock the key to her orgasm, but she may just like the tingly sensation and increased blood flow that it provides. And it’s made of all natural ingredients — vegetarian friendly! — so, unlike so many flavored lubes and balms, it actually smells great. Hey, it’d probably make a great lip balm, too. Available here at LoveHoney.