Movie theater trailer marriage proposals

The 21st century’s answer to the skywriting marriage proposal is turning out to be the movie theater trailer proposal, with production values and costs ever increasing. In 2008, there was the simple surprise by the nerdy boyfriend, followed by the more complicated yet similarly unwatchable airplane disaster trailer that same year, and the open love letter with the ear-shattering Kenny-G soundtrack in 2009 (here’s the in-theater reaction).  This past year gave us even bigger and better movie theater proposals: there was the iPhone app ad, Mystery Guitar Man’s fake movie with Ultimate Fighting champion Chuck Liddell (here’s how he made it), a love story with personalized Muppets, and most recently, one Jesus freak’s action movie homage to his love for Miss NY 2007. Surprisingly, though, one of the most intricate and involved fake trailers we could find was made over 10 years ago (in the film noir style). On the one hand, it’s sweet: a guy going through all that effort to publicly declare his eternal love. On the other hand, it’s an annoying byproduct of our Twitbook culture: nothing is worth doing without an audience. What many of these grooms-to-be have in common is an inability to edit themselves, forcing a movie-theater full of people to sit through the long, self-indulgent artistic aspirations and emotional expressions of a failed movie maker who’s whipped. (Can you tell it’s been a while since we were given flowers?)