Meet The Black Spark

I don’t quite know what to make of the Black Spark. His website, and videos (which have gone missing, most likely to reappear on his new site), are creating much buzz in the gay world. He makes films. Beautifully shot, artistic films. That also include graphic sexual scenes. Anal sex. Cum shots. Some nasty stuff. Nasty, in the good way, methinks.

Don’t call it porn. He doesn’t. Think high art meets sex. Think EYES WIDE SHUT but more graphic. Think music videos with the sex highlighted, not hinted at. It’s not work safe. Not for minors. But it is moving and sexy and inventive.

While it seems the masked Spark has been figured out, it still does not take away from the effectiveness of the movies and concept. Besides all masked men are eventually revealed to humans like us all.

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