Loving hating Gwyneth

We always knew Gwyneth Paltrow was kind of annoying, but we didn’t realize it was “official” until we read the recent Time magazine review of her new movie “Country Strong,” which wasn’t so much a movie review as it was an account of how much people love to hate this privileged daughter of Hollywood elite who ended up winning an Oscar, marrying a rock star (who you just know encouraged her to become a country singer), and launching a self-indulgent personal improvement blog called Goop (that name alone drives many people to dagger throwing). For a recent example of the special kind of annoying she can be and the hilarious ire it can inspire, check out Videogum’s pitiless breakdown of Paltrow’s new advice to fellow working moms. (A sample zinger: “I’m pretty sure the publication of this issue of Goop is what happens just before the beginning of Children of Men. ‘People just stopped having babies. We don’t know why.’ Yes we do. BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO BUSY BARFING.”)