Jeff Tweedy's (of Wilco) son writes awesome math-related song

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy’s 14-year-old son Spencer wrote and recorded “Single Digits (Put a line on it),” a brilliant math-related spoof of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” for his Algebra class project. There’s so much geekiness in this. I love it.

Five on your left and
Five on your right and
Ten on your lit­tle bitty toes
Add ‘em all together and
Whad­dya know, you got
Twenty dig­its right on the nose

Up in your grill
Ready to thrill
These num­bers gonna be your best friend
Plug them in
Now you really graphing

As he wrote (tongue in cheek) about this song’s viral popularity: “Guys! I’m a hit! Inter­net sen­sa­tion! Child prodigy! Mes­siah! Future astronaut!”