I can has gay wedding

We usually hate anything that anthropomorphizes cuddly animals in some inanely cute way, like with tuxedos or having them work at a desk  or some shit like that (you know, the kind of stuff your mom forwards to you and her entire address book, NOT bcc’d). But we can’t resist this particular case, since it promotes two good causes: 1) the adoption of animals from shelters and 2) gay marriage. Ollie’s Place, an no-kill, non-profit cat shelter in NYC’s East Village, is throwing a wedding for two of its unrelated yet inseparable male cats, Bruno and Solomon. It’s unclear how gay they are exactly (our guess is that this is more a kind of platonic love than a hot and heavy affair), but they’re getting hitched so one can’t be adopted without the other. The wedding on January 27th from 7 to 9:30 pm is open to the public. There’s even a gift registry where you can make a donation to the shelter. (We’re torn between “Aw”ing and upchucking a hair-ball.)