Green tech finds (1/27/11)

Electric scooters, drainwater heat recovery, and 313 mph… this week’s green tech finds.

  • 80% by 2035: Hard to think of any bigger news this week than President Obama’s call for massive investment in clean energy technology… with a goal of 80% of the US’ energy coming from “clean” sources by 2035. has some reactions to the POTUS’ declaration of a “Sputnik moment.”

  • Green foundry jobs come to Michigan: The small town of Eaton Rapids will be home to a new foundry that will produce castings for wind turbines. (via MLive)

  • What does a lifetime of energy consumption look like? The folks at Wellhome answered that question with an infographic that include carbon emissions, gasoline consumption, and even food waste. (via Care2)

  • Solar power for sale in Tucson: Tucson Electric Power will sell power from its new 1.6-megawatt (MW)  solar tracking array directly to consumers in 150 kilowatt-hour blocks. Cost: $3 extra on the monthly bill. (via EarthTechling)

  • Recovering heat from your drainwater: New “environmentally conscious buying” site takes a look at drainwater heat recovery systems.

  • American-made electric scooters on the way: Mother Earth News’ Energy Matters blog gives a heads up to Ann Arbor, Michigan-bases start-up Current Motor Company, which is producing all-electric motor scooters.

  • Ancient green tech in an ultra-modern city: Nick Aster of Triplepundit takes a look at Masdar City, Abu Dhabi’s wind tower, an old technology that’s being put to a number of very modern uses.

  • 313 mph??: That’s the fuel efficiency Volkswagen claims for its new L1 concept vehicle, a diesel-electric hybrid, that it will show off at the Qatar Motor Show. (via Inhabitat)

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Image credit: under a Creative Commons license