EuroPopped, for all your crazy European music video needs

Our L.A. writer friend Charlie Amter recently launched a labor-of-love blog called EUROPOPPED, what he describes as “a little epic sideblog” to “turn on more people to the crazy Euro music vids” he finds every day. And they ARE crazy. Or just foreign. Or maybe something is just getting lost in translation. Whatever the reason, it makes for entertaining time-killing, even if you can’t speak French or German. And, being European, the videos often fall on the saucy side: there’s the cheesy Greek electro flavored pop jam “Elevator Love,” Greece’s answer to Lady Gaga’s meat dress, a Hungarian music video of a wedding gone gay, and one French actor/comedian/singer’s silly upbeat pop song whose title translates to “I Love the Ugly.” But our favorite has got to be the German dance hit “Ass Up,” as in “Get your ass up in the air” sung over and over and over and over….


photo by janet calcaterra