Coworking spaces thriving in San Diego

Early last month, I got the opportunity to spend some time at Ecohub, a green-focused coworking space developed by old friend Yeves Perez and partners. Opened last Spring, Ecohub is thriving, and has served as home to 27 green businesses and “in-kind” partners since its launch.

It turns out that the concept itself is taking wings in SoCal: SignOn San Diego reported yesterday that many building owners are looking at coworking spaces as a way to make use of (and take rent from) otherwise unoccupied offices and suites. So far, six companies now offer shared space for budding entrepreneurs… and while not all green focused, you could argue that the coworking concept itself is quite green in the sense that it allows these tenants to share resources — from utilities to office machines to the existing buildings themselves — that they might otherwise procure on their own.

Saving money provides a big draw for potential clients, but the opportunities for collaboration among like-minded business people is a big part of why they stay: Perez showed me one example of two small companies that had co-developed a green product at Ecohub… and this likely only happened because they were sharing the space and interacting.

These spaces are opening all over the place — one launched here in St. Louis last Fall. Are you using a coworking space to get your company off the ground? Do you see it as a green option, regardless of what kind of business you do? Let us know what you think…


Image credit: EcoHub on Facebook