Can best friends be sex friends?

You gotta love a movie trailer with lots of swear words, nudity, sex scenes and menstruation references. We don’t think we’ve looked forward to an Ashton Kucher vehicle since “Dude, Where’s My Car,” but the “restricted” trailer (NOT one of the many sanitized-for-tv versions) for his next flick, “No Strings Attached,” co-starring the ever-present Natalie Portman (fingers crossed she’s the anti-”Garden State” romantic lead), gives us hope. The tagline “Can best friends be sex friends?” makes it sound like an update of the 20-year-old (!) “When Harry Met Sally.” We just recently rewatched “Harry” on Netflix Instant and it stands the test of time, so “No Strings Attached” will have some big shoes to fill when it opens on January 21st.