2010: Top Five Gay Records (yes, a little late)

Robyn ‘Dancing On My Own’ (Official Video) from Robyn on Vimeo.

I know, I know it is already 2011! But 2010 was a really great year for fans of house beats and electronic music. 2010 saw some rather impressive albums and they all had a 90s alternative, electric vibe. See below for my top five music moments of 2010. And yes, I know, I am big gay cliche.

  1. Last year was all about Swedish ingenue Robyn. She delivered 3 albums and all captured heartache and longing perfectly. If you like to dance and do not own these albums, please, listen to me. Run now to the record store and snatch them up.

  2. Golfrapp‘s Head First was a needed departure for the Irish electro outfit. Trading in weirdness for catchy tunes, they delivered an album so fun to listen to that it almost eclipsed Robyn’s efforts.

  3. Florence + The Machine‘s Lungs is not a techno-pop album. But it has electronic elements and it’s pretty freaking fantastic. Kate Bush and Siouxsie finally have an heir.

  4. Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera. Ok, ok, they’re pop singers who released uneven albums this year. Perry’s was a big success and Xtina’s flopped. But within both of their discs is some brilliance. Perry’s “Firework” is quite possibly the most uplifting song of 2010.  And the most depressing goes to the eerie readings by Aguilera of Sia’s three compositions. Packed between some crap, both these ladies had gems worth repeated listens.

  5. Ke$Ha was last year’s anti-Gaga. And rightfully so. She’s brash and trash and was the most fun thing to watch in music this year.