The best sex and love news of 2010

Yesterday we told you about the sex and love news from 2010 that most pissed us off and/or depressed us — dubious studies, dubious reporting, and rampant STDs, et al. Today we hope to put a smile back on your face with some of the love and sex news that most inspired us. You’re welcome.

  1. A kink study finds that the majority of men are open to fetishes once you get them behind closed doors. Just don’t expect them to dish about it over Monday Night Football.

  2. College gals finally close the marriage gap — new research shows that white women with college degrees are just as likely to marry as those who didn’t graduate from college.

  3. Okay, so yesterday we told you that the web is “luring” more women into porn addiction — but there’s a silver lining. We finally have proof that women are visual creatures too!

  4. One-night stands can so lead to beautiful relationships.

  5. Kids of lesbian parents may fare better than their peers.

  6. Let’s hear it for teen love! Teens in romantic sexual relationships were found to have similar school experiences to virgins. Meanwhile, students who engage in NON-romantic sexual activity — hook-ups, friends with benefits, etc. — were found to be more likely to be suspended or expelled, less likely to aspire to college, and more likely to earn lower grades. (Okay, so the hook-up news isn’t great, but it’s the holidays, dammit — we’re going to focus on the good part.)

  7. 76% of men said they’d be unlikely to cheat on their partner, even if they were guaranteed not to get caught. Half said it was because of their morals; the other half said it was due to the love and respect they had for their partner — we’ll take either.

  8. If a male birth control pill became available, 68% of men would take it.

  9. Let’s hear it for marriage! Married people are less likely to get pneumonia, have surgery, develop cancer or have heart attacks. A group of Swedish researchers found that being married or cohabiting at midlife is associated with a lower risk for dementia.

  10. Let’s hear it for being single! Another study concluded that single people who have never married have better health than those who married and then divorced.


photo by WTL photos