Searching for sustainable community… by bike

It might be tempting to label the “journey across America in search of ______” motif a cliché… except it still resonates powerfully. From 19th-century travelogues to Kerouac’s On the Road to Albert Brooks’ Lost in America, the idea of traveling the US as a quest for meaning captures out imaginations, and gives us space for a bit of introspection.

Ryan Mlynarczyk and Mandy Creighton went beyond the dreaming about such adventures most of us do, and decided to set out on their own quest across the country… this time in search of sustainable community. In 2008, they ditched almost everything, and set off across the US on bikes to explore ecovillages, communes, collectives… every form of simpler, more sustainable communities they could find. They’ve visited over 100 communities across the country, and are now pulling footage of their journey into a feature-length film titled WITHIN REACH.

Ryan and Mandy are aiming for an Earth Day 2011 DVD release of the film… provided they secure the necessary funding for final production. Like other people with big ideas and little money, they’ve gone to crowdfunding site Kickstarter with their concept, and hope to raise $25,000 by Christmas Day.

Take a look at the trailer above (as well as some of the fifteen others they’ve created over the past year), and see if you can help Ryan and Mandy (as well as sponsor the Fellowship for Intentional Communities) receive their Christmas wish. It looks like a great story that needs telling…

Let us know what you think… and if you decide to support this effort.