Insecurity may improve your chances in the dating world

We have long repeated the adage that confidence — whether real or faked — leads to success on the pick-up scene and in the dating world. But a new study by a psychology professor at Queens College in New York suggests the exact opposite: insecure people try harder in the dating world, which can lead to success at least as often as it can lead to your appearing desperate and needy.

“Insecure individuals [present] themselves as warm, engaging, and humorous people,” the professor, Claudia Brumbaugh, writes. In other words, maybe insecure people who fake confidence actually do better than confident people who take their self-confidence for granted. Insecure people tend to be more sensitive to someone else’s needs, interests, and desires, too, which can translate into being a good date… at least for as long as you can keep up the act. But, with any luck, by the time your natural tendencies toward anxiety, jealousy, and insecurity make themselves known, your partner will like you well enough to look past them.

So, insecure people of the world: Go forth and date! The professor says you can do it. [via]


photo by chelseagirl