I heart Valerie Cherish

Upon graduating from Friends, the 6 cast mates went out into the world to find stardom without one another. Several of them succeeded and several have failed, but none took as big a risk as Lisa Kudrow, who became Valerie Cherish on THE COMEBACK.

THE COMEBACK is one of those cult classics. It never quite caught on in the mainstream. But, for many gays, it became a classic. Kudrow turns her back on everything fake and manufactured about Friends and created a character, and a show, complex, funny, and truly original. Like many things that fall under those three categories, it was misunderstood.

I own the DVD of THE COMEBACK. I constantly say to my friends “I *don’t* want to see that!” an awkward line delivered by Kudrow in one of the best episodes. And I am still amazed that HBO canceled the show, a satirical attack on the reality TV culture. Maybe we did not want to face the sorrow of reality TV. Maybe the show was just too smart. Camp. Uncomfortable.

Whatever the case, there is some secret pleasure knowing only “some” people get it. Luckily, Sundance Channel is airing THE COMEBACK through December. Try to check it our if you missed it back in 2005.