Green tech finds (12/9/10)

Fuel cells, iPhone apps, and chicken coops… this week’s green tech finds.

  • The fuel cell that does… everything: Think fuel cells are just for energy? Think again… researchers at the University of Colorado, Denver, are working on a microbial fuel cell that desalinates and cleans wastewater… in addition to producing electricity. (via Cleantechnica)

  • Border checkpoint to feature Living Machine: The US General Services Administration has approved a Living Machine wastewater treatment system for the border crossing point at Otay Mesa, California. That’s an artist’s rendering above… (via Water and Waste Water)

  • The Green Roof Chicken Coop: CrispGreen thinks the Kippen House, a made-to-order chicken coop with a green roof, would make a great gift for the urban farmers on your list.

  • Green tech sharing mechanism finalized in Cancun: Expectations have been pretty low for the Cancun Climate Summit, but one bit of good news: “…the over-arching architecture of a global green technology sharing and development mechanism has been finalized,” according to the Times of India.

  • More solar plans for military bases: The Department of Defense will try out concentrating photovoltaic technology at bases in California and Texas, according to Reuters.

  • Another efficient driving app: Toyota Sweden’s new “A Glass of Water” iPhone app is premised on the notion “…that if everyone drove with a glass of water on their dashboard — and aimed not to spill it — driving would be both gentler and more economical.” (via Springwise)

  • The solar water collector: Star Wars meets green tech in the Swater, a concept device that uses “sunlight to collect clean distilled water from the condensation that builds up inside of the device.” (via Earthtechling)

Got a find of your own? Let us know about it…


Image credit: Living Machine