Green tech finds (12/30/10)

For our last green tech finds of the year, we’ve got some predictions (of course), as well as new thoughts on tobacco, and high praise for white roofs.

  • Green tech predictions: IBM’s fifth annual “Next Five in Five” list of tech predictions has four items with a green bent, including much more efficient “breathing” batteries, and environmental data collection from all of us via our phones and other devices. (via Information Week)

  • Green tech hopes: Heather Clancy at GreenTech Pastures isn’t going so far as to make predictions, but has a thorough list of stories she’d really like to write in 2011.

  • The one-minute car battery switch: Electric vehicles take hours to recharge… so EV infrastructure developer Better Place envisions “switching stations” where depleted batteries can be swapped out (quickly) for a fresh one. Watch it above…

  • Greening the Civil War: Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park in Georgia has greened up its visitors’ experience of history with solar power, LED lighting, and improved energy efficiency. (via EarthTechling)

  • Tobacco — the next energy crop: Tobacco may get a reputation makeover as a non-food source of biofuel, as well as a source of a virus that could play a role in next-generation energy storage. (via Energy Business Daily)

  • No more wind in the Pickens Plan: Citing cost differentials, oilman T. Boone Pickens has dropped wind energy from his “Pickens Plan,” focusing completely on natural gas use for transportation. (via Triplepundit)

  • White roofs — the world’s most efficient green technology?: That’s what the “Father of Energy Efficiency” Art Rosenfeld claims in a video interview with Greentech Media.

  • Treehouses as the model for green building: Designer John Connell thinks that the green building community could learn a lot by taking a close look at treehouses.

It’s been a bit of a slow week on the media front, but if you came across a good green tech story we didn’t, let us know about it…