Green tech finds (12/2/10)

Google Earth’s new “tree view,” state-by-state run-downs on solar power, and LED holiday lights… your green tech finds for the week.

  • Energy Star Plus: Paul Smith at Triplepundit profiles Energy Forward, a Northwest-based electronics efficiency standard that claims to exceed Energy Star standards by 30%.

  • Missouri a great state for solar? That’s right… as are Arkansas, Mississippi, and Wisconsin. A new study out of Arizona State University ranks the optimal state for solar development based on environmental and economic factors.

  • Solar laggards: On the flip side, Heather Clancy points out the ten states at the back of the pack in terms of solar photovoltaic installations (which she gathered from NREL’s Open PV Project).

  • Donate your used jeans to Ford? The auto giant is using post consumer cotton from jeans for a few interior elements of  2012 Focus.

  • Energy efficient decorating: Do you put enough holiday lights on the house to make it visible to satellites? The Department of Energy’s Energy Savers blog puts in a plug for LED holiday lights.

  • Big savings from efficient lighting: UNEP’s en.lighten initiative reported in Cancun on the potential savings in money and carbon emissions that efficient lighting could produce: up to $9 billion and 45 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in the US alone.

  • 3D Trees in Google Earth: The new version of Google Earth allows for a “below the canopy” view of “80 million trees in seven cities worldwide.” Check it out above… (via Yale 360)

  • Biofuel-powered flights coming: Lufthansa plans to start scheduling flights on biofuel-powered aircraft in 2011.

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