Funny literal response to homework question

I’m not sure of the exact provenance of this, but this student’s literal answer to this homework question cracked me up. My friend Steph asked her brother to translate the answer.

My life here has sucked. Work environment is no good; Pay has been low. But don’t worry, only about 10 people get seriously injured every day, but I’ve been very careful. We opened a small store; business has been bad. Even though I don’t know much english, I can still understand what the white people are talking about. Hope I can strive to success! I am working hard and taking care of myself. How are all of you? Missing all of you; hope we can see each other once again.

The sincerity and relatively historical accuracy of the answer makes it even that much funnier. What’s not funny of course is the mistreatment of the Chinese in America during this period. One of the more poignant legacies and findings of this period are the poems discovered written by Chinese immigrants on the walls of the immigrant processing center in Angel Island, California.

Anyway, this kid definitely deserves extra credit on this assignment.