Fabio: the new face of the electric vehicle?

If challenged to do so, you’d likely have no trouble coming up with a short list of eco-celebs: Ed Begley, Jr., Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio,  Woody Harrelson, and, oh yeah, Robert Redford may all to come to mind. But Fabio? Yep, the Italian superhunk who’s graced the covers of many a romance novel, and pitched butter substitutes, is adding his look (if not his voice) to a green cause: electric vehicles.

Fabio plays a brief role in the latest PSA from non-profit Plug In America (above). Part of a series that spoofs Apple’s PC vs. Mac ads, this third installment addresses car company greenwashing… with Fabio as “the face.”

So, why Fabio? Isn’t he a bit last millennium? Well, in part, George Clooney wasn’t available… but founding board member Alexandra Paul also noted that “…he still has that magnetism. I cannot explain it, but the man’s still got it.”

It also turns out that Fabio just loved his ride to the shoot in a Tesla Roadster… so maybe we’ll see more of him on this front.

via LA Times Greenspace