Daft Punk vs. Tron

DAFT PUNK – DEREZZED (From the Tron Legacy Soundtrack) from Warren Fu on Vimeo.

As a boy in the 1980s I adored TRON. This weekend the remake comes out. Shot with the same cameras as AVATAR and costing the $170 million, I sure hope it’s good.

Things are looking likely methinks. If this awesome music video for “Derezzed,” the first single off Daft Punk‘s soundtrack for TRON LEGACY is any indicator, we’re in for a treat. The French duo Daft Punk’s brooding score and electro beats are a perfect match for the film’s dark tone and neon colors. It’s hard to think of a better fit for the score. Warren Fu’s video is short and sweet and builds and builds with a computerized joisting match. It’s fun.

And if Tron’s not your thing I suggest checking out this old SUNfiltered post featuring Daft Punk. It is still my favorite YouTube video of all time.