Casey Weldon's freak factory

Ok yeah, Casey Weldon’s paintings tend to veer dangerously close to territory long-conquered by Mark Ryden, a style that has influenced, nay dominated, hordes of Art Center alums (Ryden’s alma mater) ever since he graduated in the late 80s. Weldon graduated from Art Center in 2004, almost 20 years later, and it seems that  Ryden is still a heavy presence on campus. If you can get past the portraits of the genre’s trademark dark, doe-eyed sylphs, Weldon’s work offers a lot of humor, like “As All Murrary,” a series of six portraits of the cast of THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS as Bill Murray. (For more of Weldon’s Murrary/Wes Anderson obsession, see his website).

Weldon recently created another six-part series, this time of kittens with two sets of eyes. His attempt to “double the cuteness” may only have doubled the freaky, but who says that’s a bad thing? While I like the kittens, my favorite, and what I think is his most clever painting, is “Wolfman Haircut” from 2008 (below). Way to take something outdated yet still widely used and give it an unexpected twist.

If you’re in Las Vegas, check out his Kitty series at the Trifecta Gallery.