Cards of Change: inspiring business cards

In these tough economic times with depressingly high unrelenting unemployment, Cards of Change is a website that attempts to empower the unemployed and the laid-off and inspire them to engage their circumstances as an opportunity. This website, started by Tom Van Daele, a former creative director at TBWA/Chiat/Day before he was laid-off, attempts to do this by collecting old business cards that are edited to reflect this positive outlook.

About 200 cards are currently on the list, with messages like “I am going to law school!” and “Design what we need, not what we want.” While some cards announce immediate plans like taking a vacation (“Gone for a long holiday”) others are Oprah-esque take-charge-of-your-life chants, ranging from “Time to start my own company” to “I’m moving forward with my dream.” Many of the cards feature handwritten exhortations executed in a dramatic scrawl with the company name obscured or obliterated, adding a note of defiance.