Bikes as accessories: Freewheelers

We greenies tend to view the bicycle in purely practical terms: as a low-carbon, healthy form of transportation. Nothing wrong with that… but also no reason we can’t promote biking as sexy. That’s the idea behind Babelgum’s Freewheelers, “a series of documentary portraits about hot-looking bikes and the people who ride them…”

OK, sounds a bit fluffy, but once you dig into the videos, you realize that the stories told demonstrate some really innovative approaches to the bicycle… I saw more of “the bike as artistic medium” vs. “the bike as fashion accessory.” Several involve bikes that the owners built themselves; another involves a vintage bike. In each case, the bike represents both the owner’s personal sense of style and self, and his/her dedication to cycling as a viable means of transportation.

Take a look at the videos, and let us know which one(s) grabbed you. If you know of other unique design projects involving bikes, share those, too.