All of Billy Joel's greatest hits played at once

Apropos of nothing other than the fact that I predict this will be the start of a trend with other greatest hit albums, you can now check off listening to all of Billy Joel’s greatest hit songs played simultaneously. I am not responsible for any bleeding of the ear that may occur.

When I was in college, I woke up one late morning to someone loudly banging on our dorm suite’s door. Half-asleep, I opened the door to see who it was. It was a rather cute girl I used to see around campus. And she look pissed. She said, “Could you guys please turn off that music? Billy Joel’s River of Dreams has been playing non-stop over and over again for the past three hours!” Apparently my roommate, who was a huge Billy Joel fan, was listening to that uplifting song on repeat, loudly, while getting ready at 6 am for baseball practice and forgot to turn off his stereo before heading out.