10 best movie sex scenes of 2010

Okay, make that, the ten best movie sex scenes and/or kissing scenes of 2010. Things were a little prudish out there this year — you had to get your vicarious thrills where you could… and besides, we like to work with an all-inclusive definition of sex around these parts. Kissing counts too!

1. Get Him to the Greek
The awkward, let’s-not-do-this-again three-way. Low on chemistry, high on reality factor, unlike most on-screen threeways these days (yes, we’re talking to you, Gossip Girl). Oh yeah, and it’s an M-M-F threesome…meaning, Russell Brand and Jonah Hill totally French.

2. Date Night
The sweet, married, sitting-side-by-side-in-a-diner-booth kiss. The one on the doorstep in broad daylight (hi, neighbor!) is not bad either. Hey, cheesy goes a long way after a decade or two of marriage. Let’s hear it for monogamy!

3. Going the Distance
Naked ice cream sex play with the Mac guy, plus accidental exhibitionism over a sandwich? Awesome.

4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The English language version is still more than a year away, but we’re sure the sex won’t be nearly as raw as it is in the Swedish movie released in early 2010. (The Swedes aren’t big on pretty when it comes to on-screen sex.) We don’t mean the revenge rape scene with extra-large dildo — though that did have its own satisfaction — but rather the matter-of-fact, woman-on-top, wham-bam-thank-you-sir booty call initiated by Lisbeth.

5. The Runaways
Kristen Stewart — with sexy ’70s mullet — makes the move on Dakota Fanning (in rollerskates). Because when your band kicks punk ass and every other girl wants to be one or both of you, why not?

6. Chloe
Julianne Moore sleeps with high-end hooker Amanda Seyfried in a scene that is simultaneously heartbreaking and erotic. Bonus points for the way — spoiler alert! — Seyfried seduces Moore by talking her through what her husband had just done in the same bed.

7. The American
This movie was mostly a little too sedate for its own good — or maybe we were just disappointed by a movie in which George Clooney’s charms are kept under wraps — but the sex scene where Clooney and a prostitute seem to be tussling, mid-intercourse, over whether they are two lovers or client and hooker is weird and complicated and powerful.

8. Blue Valentine
Ryan Gosling gets lifelong membership in the kissing scene club thanks to his (literally) award-winning smooch in The Notebook. His new movie with Michelle Williams hasn’t even been released yet (it’s due out December 31st) but we’re willing to put money on the fact that it belongs in this list. It’s an intimate portrait of a marriage that took more than twelve years to make, and the shooting was so intense that Williams said she would scream out her car window after a day of shooting to unwind. Which is a recipe for hot sex scenes if we’ve ever heard of one.

9. Inception
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “Quick, give me a kiss!” Ellen Page: “They’re still looking at us.” JGL: “Yeah, it was worth a shot.” Not exactly toe-curling steaminess, but the surprise factor of this out-of-the-blue kiss (especially in the midst of a rather dire summer movie experience) makes it a winner.

10. Jackass 3D
We can’t believe we sat through this without throwing up. Also, we can’t believe we spent eighteen freakin’ dollars to watch it in 3D on opening weekend, along with a bunch of dudes who think testicle humor is the tops. Still, if you want to know what movie sex was like in 2010, this is as good an example as any: Preston puts an apple between his naked butt cheeks and lets a pig nibble on it. Bonus kink points for when Steve-O removes the apple mid-sesh, takes a bite, and then replaces it.