Woody Allen's SLEEPER house in foreclosure

It’s called the Clamshell House, the Star Trek House, the Jetson House and the Flying Saucer house, but you might know it best as the Sleeper House, featured prominently in Woody Allen’s 1973 sci-fi comedy SLEEPER. Taking the form of a huge, oblong flattened sort of sphere, the windowed-side juts out over the wooden pedestal it rests on, making it look weird and different from every angle. Sadly, the house, built in 1963 by architect Charles Deaton, is up for foreclosure auction today as the owner is reportedly delinquent on $2.8 mil of his $3.1 mil mortgage. If no one buys it, it will be boarded up and left unpreserved, a depressing finale for Deaton’s best known work, as well as the home of SLEEPER’s Orgasmatron, where Diane Keaton spent two seconds in heaven. Rent SLEEPER today as the proverbial gavel seals the fate on its former home (trailer below).