What do you do with a used vuvuzela?

Last Summer’s World Cup may seem like a distant memory, but if you really got into the South African soccer-fest, you may still have a vuvuzela laying around the house. You’re not alone: according to Triplepundit, sales of these plastic noise horns reportedly reached 20,000 per day during the football frenzy.

Now that the party’s over, what can you do with that vuvuzela… besides tossing it?

South Africans Matt Blitz and Shaun McCormack decided to tap the wisdom of the crowd to figure out ways to reuse and recycle vuvuzelas. Their Wozela! design competition challenged people around the world to come up with ways to put the horns to use… beyond making noise at soccer games.

Wozela apparently revved up creative juices around the world… from furnishings to plant irrigators to lighting fixtures, the competition received many innovative ideas. The winner? Earrings designed by Cape Town’s Megan Bernstein.

While the competition itself is closed, Wozela’s still interested in new ideas for reusing vuvuzelas. If you’ve got one, let them know about it.


Image credit: Wozela! at Flickr under a Creative Commons license