US colleges compete in Campus Conservation Nationals

Thought football was the main competition going on between colleges and universities this fall? Well, it will get the lion’s share of the attention… but we’re smack dab in the middle of another intercollegiate competitive event that could make a difference for the planet: the Campus Conservation Nationals.

The CCN is a bit like Recyclemania: schools compete against one another, there are various “divisions” in which to compete, and the program is geared towards traditional-aged college students (the ones most likely to participate in an event like this). The goals: energy and water reductions in campus residence halls. There’s a twofold rationale for this focus: buildings tend to be the biggest energy hogs on campus, and behavioral change tends to be the biggest impediment to more efficient building operation.

This year, forty schools, ranging from small liberal arts colleges to very large public universities, are taking the challenge. Given the size differences, participants aim for percentage reductions in their energy and water use. Competing schools can also choose against whom they’ll compete: head-to-head competitions are possible, as are state and national divisions.

As noted above, the competition is well underway… it started on November 1st, and will run through the 19th. Winners will receive prizes…  and bragging rights, of course.

College students love a good competition, so this seems like an ideal way to get efficient energy and water use practices established with these kids. Are you part of a participating team? Let us know more about what you’re doing… and check out the video above for school’s ongoing effort to cut resource use in the dorm.