The Map of Non-Monogamy

According to Franklin Veaux’s personal website, he is an atheist/transhumanist/computer hacker/BDSM switch who owns a small graphic design and training firm and is into Apple computers, World of Warcraft, tattoos, piercing, photography and polyamory. He’s the guy who did that awesome Map of Human Sexuality a while back. And now he’s done the official Map of Non-Monogamy — which tries (and as far as we can tell, succeeds) at portraying every possible iteration of non-monogamy out there, from casual sex to swinging to open relationships to polyamory to the 100 mile rule to cheating (yes, these categories are all unique, with some overlap). He says he’s planning, eventually, “to add a Sexual Informatics section to the Web site [his homepage], which will have this and all the other sexual informatics charts and maps” he’s done, probably in a more interactive format.