The best of holiday shopping gift guides

If you haven’t been inundated yet with holiday catalogs and a slew of emails with gift ideas, consider yourself spared. Not that gift lists are a bad thing, but how many lists of the best gifts for your tech dad, outdoorsy sister and pet-loving friend can the human mind tolerate in addition to all the other holiday insanity? That said, there are a few goodie lists that are worth consulting. New York Magazine‘s “Gift Finder 2010” does a decent job and Refinery 29′s “Gifts Under $100” has some hidden gems, but the Cool Hunting Gift Guide is an absolute must for those in the giving mood. Eclectic in both category and price range, there are literally hundreds of I’ve-never-heard-of-that-before items that are sure bring on the mirth. Where else can you find the CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Wand side by side with Creative Time’s short shorts

If you’re in NY you can peruse the items in person at the Cool Hunting for Gap Pop-Up Shop, opening this weekend at the 5th Avenue Gap store.