Ted Sabarese Juxtaposition

I like this photo series “Creature Couture” by New York photographer Ted Sabarese where he juxtaposes female fashion models with artist (and also an Alvin Ailey-trained dancer) Nick Cave’s various “Soundsuits.”

Over the last decade Mr. Cave has become known for making colorful, extravagant sculptures with this kind of double life: they can stand alone in galleries as visually compelling art objects, or they can be worn by dancers as vehicles for sound and movement. He calls them Soundsuits.

Some Soundsuits, like a bouquet of metal toys and tops perched on top of a bodysuit made of crocheted hot pads, make a clanking commotion. Others, like the Soundsuits made of human hair (bought already dyed from a wholesaler in New York), tend to fall in the quiet, whispery range. All come to life in performance.