Recycled t-shirts: a new green fashion trend?

When I wrote about t-shirt refurbisher Stay Vocal in September, I said this was the only company I knew of recycling t-shirts in this particular manner. Turns out the idea is out there… though still relatively under the radar. British green social media site Green Thing is now in the recycled t-shirt business: it’s SAVED initiative takes donated used shirts, adds some embroidery and other fun items, and then sells them.

SAVED isn’t a one-off effort, though: a part of the site’s All-Consuming campaign, it’s just the latest entry into Green Thing’s efforts to get users to participate in “the art of wasting nothing and using up everything.” A previous effort aimed at used clothing, Glove Love, paired together single donated gloves (the other half of the pair had gone missing). The campaign also features a ton of professional and user-generated content on ideas for getting the most use out of items most of us consider appropriate only for the trash can.

Know of other efforts to go beyond the “vintage” designation for used clothing, and actually re-create it? Let us know about it…

via Springwise