Giant pink snails set to invade Miami

Want to get a discussion about recycling going in your community? You might organize a Meetup, create a website, or put up flyers. The Cracking Art Group and Italian Galleria Ca d’Oro have a different approach: giant pink snails made from recycled plastic. Forty-five of these “creatures” will take temporary refuge in Miami Beach, Florida tomorrow (Nov. 18).

Part of the global REgeneration Art Project, the snails are just the latest massive installation of animal figures… you can see pictures of others on the artist collective’s web site. According to the Miami Herald, the artists chose snails for this particular exhibit for three reasons:

  • [A snail] carries its shelter on its back, evoking a sense of living and place.
  • The snail and shell are shaped in a spiral like an ear, urging people to listen.
  • The snail and shell are also shaped like the @ symbol seen in e-mail addresses — Italians call the sign a snail — and refers to digital communication.

The snail sculptures will be in place through January, and hopefully spur lots of discussion on recycling and other sustainability issues. If you’re in the area, and get a chance to check any of them out (locations are available on the exhibit website), let us know what you think. Even if you don’t see the snails in person, let us know: does this seem like a good approach to get people discussing greener behaviors?