Marilyn Monroe's turkey recipe

A couple weeks ago The New York Times reviewed a new book detailing Marilyn Monroe’s life through collected letters and other artifacts of her life, which included this extensive turkey stuffing recipe written on a letterhead from an insurance company. The Times took the recipe for a “laborious” test drive with the following pleasing result:

When we gingerly tossed everything together in our largest bowl (the recipe yielded more than 20 cups), we were amazed to discover one of the most handsome stuffings we’ve encountered. The odd elements, like the profusion of raisins and the chopped egg, suddenly made sense, becoming pleasant color contrasts. Moreover, the mixture was delicious, a nice balance of vegetables, meats and bold seasonings, just faintly, tonically sweet from the raisins. Even the texture was superior, a fluffy, damp blend that packed well into a chicken cavity and emerged loosely gelled. Subsequent tests employed slight tweaks but the original genius (and the heroic volume) of her recipe remained fundamentally the same.

If her recipe is too complicated, there’s always this White Castle stuffing recipe.