Manhattan was Brooklyn

Through December 19th Live With Animals is showcasing the artwork of one of my faves, Clinton Van Gemert. Clinton is the creative genius behind the hoodie line HeadHoods, who I recently interviewed. He also makes killer T-shirts too, like this one, “I Can’t Afford to Love New York.” His work is sick, smart, and often times includes Marilyn Monroe, Grace Jones, and Mr. T. Awesome, right?

According to Live With Animals the show features “Clinton’s experimentation with faces of iconic figures spawned from the constant routine of printing iconic heads on the hoods of sweatshirts, which is the basic premise of his concept clothing line “HeadHoods.” After printing what seemed like countless (Hepburns, Presleys, Jacksons, Monroes, Obamas, Legomen, etc,) he began to introduce more obscure faces ( G. Jones, Sock Monkeys, Luchadors, crying babies, etc). To keep his daily regiment of printing interesting while suppressing his constant fear of copyright infringing, he put his vast array of screens to work and couldn’t help but begin to over lay, over print and collage all these different faces. Clint prides himself in creating works wether it be a printed face on a hood, a typographic treatment found on a tshirt or lightpost, or a giant wheatpaste of a three mouthed Marilyn on the street corner which in turn causes his double taking audience to walk away chuckling and thinking positively or better yet, sparking conversation between two strangers. Clinton’s first solo show will feature a little bit of everything he makes, including a live music performance at his opening reception.”

Though in my gay circle of friends Grace Jones is anything but obscure. Go see the show!