Green tech finds (11/18/10)

Gardening apps, high-speed rail, and electric vehicles made from electronic waste… this week’s green tech finds.

  • Finnish culture meets green building: Traditional Finnish building involves a lot of wood, and the Luukku House design combines this tradition with solar energy, high-efficiency windows, and other “green” features. The design has won awards from both the Finnish Timber Council and Solar Decathlon Europe. (via Good News from Finland)

  • Onsite composting for restaurants: GaiaRecycle’s new G-30H provides onsite composting for restaurants and schools… no need to have those food scraps hauled away (or — shudders — throw them in the trash).

  • Gardening apps: Start getting ready for next Spring’s garden with one of the many phone apps out there. Green Profit has a run-down of ten of them. (via @CanarsieBK)

  • Kia joins the hybrid market: And the 2.4-liter GDI version version of their 2011 Optima hybrid looks like it will be priced for the rest of us at $18,995.

  • 60 watt LEDs — a game-changer: 60 watt LED bulbs could replace the most commonly-used incandescent bulbs out there… and both Home Depot and Lowe’s are in, or getting into, the game.

  • What would US high-speed rail look like? The US High Speed Rail Association answers that question with an animation of the potential growth of rail corridors over the next 20 years (and I’m very excited about the Midwest close-up). (via EcoGeek)

  • New Facebook game asks teens to go green: has launched the beta version of a new Facebook game eMission, which gives players point not just for in-game action, but for real-world efforts.

  • E-Waste to EV: RMD Technologies new UTE (Utility Terrain Electric) vehicle is made largely from recycled e-waste. Take a look at the picture above. (via EarthTechling and Matter Network)

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Image credit: RMD Technologies